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The Art of Living

  • 14 October 2014  |  Asian Art  |  Video The Craftsmanship of Chinese Contemporary Design Twenty unique pieces designed by Shang Xia are being revealed and offered here for the first time. All have been produced in conjunction with local Chinese masters of their craft from different provinces who integrate the warmth, balance and harmony of Chinese grace into all the products.
  • 18 August 2014  |  Asian Art  |  Article Investing in Innovation: An Interview with Arani Bose With their groundbreaking gallery, Arani and Shumita Bose forever changed the landscape for South Asian contemporary art. Now as they launch their new nonprofit initiative, the +91 Foundation, we sat down with Arani to discuss the couple’s collection, the stories behind their favorite works and why investing in ideas is one of the most fruitful—and rewarding—ways to collect art.