Lot 75 / Sale 1392

Price Realized $50,190
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  • $3,000 - $4,000

Sale Information Sale 1392
24 June 2004
New York, Rockefeller Plaza

Lot Description FENDER
The headstock bearing the logo Fender TELECASTER/PAT. 2,573,254 3,143,028, neckplate engraved 214861, the body with later finish, "maple cap" neck and later Humbucking pickup; and original hardshell case with adhesive label inscribed by Lee Dickson '67 I.H. Bucker I.S.C./Fender-Tele-Blonde #214861

This guitar was a birthday gift to Eric Clapton from Virginia Lohle of Starfile (2)

Lot Notes LD: This was a birthday gift... It's a nice playing guitar.

KK to EC: We don't see you playing Tele's often?

EC: No, but I do and I've owned them and I've bought them. They are part of my history. I had one in the Yardbirds from day one. It was probably the first electric guitar I ever had - a red Telecaster - followed by the Gibson [ES-335] which is in the sale. So they are definitely part of my taste.

CW: Was that the first Fender you ever had?

EC: Yes it was.

CW: Which of your early guitars were you playing which had the frequent string breaks, that earned you the nickname Slowhand?

EC: That would have been the Telecaster [from the Yardbirds days] because it had those metal bridge pieces, they'd just saw through the strings.

KK: In more recent years you reach for a Strat. more often. What is it that a Telecaster doesn't do for you?

EC: Initially the choice of Telecaster would have been about Muddy Waters. The fact that Muddy was seen to play a Telecaster-95. So the association for me was that of a Blues guitar, as a Les Paul for me, was a Blues guitar. The Strat. was a Rock guitar. However, the Jazzmaster for me was a Surf guitar.

LD: Because of Dick Dale and all those guys?

EC: Yes. It belonged to the kind of genre that they were associated with.. For me the Telecaster initially was more accessible. The image was one thing - when I came to play it, it was quite difficult to play because the pickups feedback, but they don't feedback harmonically, they shriek whereas Humbucker pickups will feedback harmonically, according to where your finger is, you can control it. With a Telecaster the feedback is not that easy to control. So playing-wise, and in terms of being stage friendly, the Strat...of all the ones that Fender has made, is the most versatile. But in terms of image in those early days, I was feeling ...biased towards certain images.

LD: ..[This one's] unusual in as much as it's got a Humbucker in the neck and those jumbo frets that a normal Tele wouldn't have. ..It's a lovely playing guitar.

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