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Save a Search/Save to My Interests

What is LotFinder®? Accessible 24 hours every day, Christie's popular search engine allows you to browse Christie's upcoming auctions and online-only sales around the world and to submit online absentee bids. You can search by keyword(s), or use Quick Search by entering a sale number to browse all the items in that sale or a sale & lot number to see information about a particular lot.

Why do search results vary from one day to another? Search results may vary from day to day as catalogues for upcoming sales are added to, while other catalogues are removed.

Are the identities of all sellers public information? Christie's publishes sellers' names only with their permission.

Why do I get so many results? Your keyword may appear often in our catalogues. Entering more specific keywords and using the attribute list on the left side of the results page to narrow your search will give you better results. Example: a search for “pearl necklace” may yield results that include paintings of women wearing pearl necklaces, while a keyword search for “necklace,” narrowed by selecting a category of jewelry and a material of pearl will produce only matches on actual pearl necklaces.

Why do I get no results? The keyword(s) in your search have not matched in the catalogues for upcoming sales. You may wish to try again in a few days or Save an Interest and Christie's will notify you by email when items that match your interest are included in an upcoming sale Save to My Interests.

How do I save what I’m searching for? Once you have results from a search, and you’ve narrowed it to what you want, there will be a “breadcrumb” above the search results and a button Save My Interest. Click the button to add these characteristics to your list of Interests. Christie's will notify you by email when items that match your interest are included in an upcoming sale.

Is there another way to Save My Interest and receive email notifications? Yes, you can log in to your Christie's account (or create one if you don’t have one) and go to Add to My Interests. This is where you can select the attributes of the items you’re interested in and Christie's will notify you by email when items that match your interest become available - in an upcoming auction or an online-only sale. See the following questions for additional information. Log In To Your Account / Create An Account

Where do I start? You can describe an item by starting with any attribute (e.g. Material, Country, Period, etc.).

What do I do if I’m not sure how to spell an artist/maker’s name? You can enter an artist’s last name or a maker’s name, and the search engine will find anything that matches those letters. You will begin to see results after you type the first two letters.

How many attributes should I select? You can select as many or as few attributes as you like. More attributes narrow your interest. Fewer attributes will yield more general and more frequent notifications to a maximum of one email per week.
Each attribute you select defines your interest further. For example, selecting a category of Painting and an origin of French will notify you of all Paintings by French Artists, adding the style Impressionist will restrict the notifications to Impressionist Paintings by French Artists only, and so on.

I see different choices for Photographs and Wine. What happened? Sometimes, when you select a category, relevant sub-categories will appear. For instance, if you choose the category Photographs, the new sub-category Subject/Theme will appear with more attributes from which to choose. Choosing the category Wine will present options for bottle size.

Is there a limit to the number of Interests I can save? Save as many interests as you like.

How long will Christie's search for items that match my interest? You can select the length of time you want to be notified by email: 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, or until you remove the interest from your account.

Why are my saved search results different from those in your email notifications? Our emails notify you of new matches for upcoming sales.

How do I see or change the interests I’ve saved? You can view or edit your interests by logging in to your account and going to My Interests