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9 April 2010  |  Fine Art - Other   |  Article

Instant Gratification

For most artists, a specific image, style, or subject makes their work immediately identifiable—a mark or an icon unequivocally associated with its creator. Those in search of works by the 20th century’s foremost talents need look no further than our April sale of Prints & Multiples. Here we unveil a sampling of the many important images you will find...

Modern Muse: Grand Tête de Femme au Chapeau Orné by Pablo Picasso
A single glance at this fragmented female portrait and one immediately recognizes the work of one of the 20th century’s most prolific artists. Picasso first encountered linocuts through his friend Georges Ramié, who asked Picasso to create a poster for his Madoura Pottery studios in Vallauris, France. Displaying the powerful, supple compositions associated with his linocut prints, Grand Tête de Femme au Chapeau Orné represents a high point of the three years during which he explored—and mastered—the medium.

Singular Sensation: Madonna by Edvard Munch
Here Munch used the graphic medium exactly as it was intended—to edition and disseminate his most acclaimed subject, Madonna. In a single image, we see united the themes of love, sex and death that consumed Munch throughout his career. Add to this the complexity of his technique (woodcut and lithography achieve the desired color and surface texture), and you have both an icon and a true connoisseur’s object.

Best of the Best: Tomato Soup by Andy Warhol
A 1962 exhibit of his soup cans at the Ferus Gallery in Los Angeles first put Andy Warhol on the map. Following his meteoric rise to fame,Warhol returned to his most successful early Pop Art paintings to produce print versions. While any screenprint from the Campbell’s Soup series represent a collecting coup, Tomato Soup is the single most desirable image of the group.

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Lot 182, Sale 2309
Grande Tête de Femme au Chapeau orné (B 1077; Ba 1317)
Price Realized: $218,500

Lot 163, Sale 2309
Madonna (Sch 33; W 39)
Price Realized: $494,500

Lot 448, Sale 2309
Tomato, from Campbell's Soup I (F & S II46)
Price Realized: $74,500