The unknown artists of Christie’s — UNTITLED: Insider Art Show

Highlights from the 17th annual Staff Art Exhibition at Christie’s New York, 28 July–11 August

Christie’s reputation in the art world has been built over the course of 250 years. The backbone and essence of Christie’s success, its employees, not surprisingly live and breathe art.

As well as being leading experts in their field, many are talented artists in their own right. From 28 July through to 11 August, works by the very best artists in our midst will be on show at the 17th annual Staff Art Exhibition, UNTITLED: Insider Art Show, before being offered in both an online and live auction at Christie’s New York.

Forty-five works — from sculpture to contemporary art — showcase the skills and diverse creativity that inform Christie’s unparalleled passion for art. With estimates starting at $200, the sales offer the opportunity to bring home striking, original pieces at accessible prices.

Proceeds from the sales will benefit The Institute of International Education’s Scholar Rescue Fund (IIE–SRF), which has fostered and protected the lives and creative voices of scholars for over 90 years.