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31 January 2011  |  Fine Art - Other   |  Article

Spotlight on Chafic Abboud

Born in 1926 in Lebanon, Chafic Abboud left in 1947 at the age of 21 for Paris where he discovered the work of the Nabis painter Pierre Bonnard as well as the two very different techniques and approaches to abstract art explored by both Roger Bissière and Nicolas de Staël. These were to have a major impact on how Abboud created a style of his own, moving from a poetic and figurative Lebanese art towards a subtle and almost dream-like Parisian abstract art. His works have been showcased worldwide, exhibited side by side with some of the most important names of the Parisian art scene and have had a strong influence on Beirut's cultural and artistic life. Chafic Abboud's paintings are a manifesto for freedom, colour, light and joy, as well as being a permanent bridge between the art scenes of France and Lebanon and that of Lebanon and the Middle East.

Christie's was honored to sell a selection of works at its 26 October 2010 sale of International Modern & Contemporary Art Sale in Dubai. These paintings were sold to the benefit of the forthcoming Shafic Abboud Retrospective at the Institut du Monde Arabe (IMA) in Paris (21 March - 19 June 2011), conceived and organised by Claude Lemand, gallerist and editor of the artist's first monograph (2006). It was the first time in Chafic Abboud's auction history that the three exclusive paintings offered came directly from the artist's studio.

Comprising of more than 150 works of various sizes and dates, covering a span of 55 years from 1948 to 2003 and lent by a wide range of collectors, the IMA retrospective will shed light on Abboud's paintings. From travelling story-tellers to popular Lebanese culture, from Byzantine traditions and icons to the ideals and writings of the Arab Nahda, a modernist "Renaissance", Abboud found the roots of his artistic inspiration in various elements, alongside which he had been brought up in the surroundings of Mount Lebanon.

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Chafic Abboud
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Shafic Abboud, Lebanon, March 1969. © Sami Karkabi. Courtesy Succession Shafic Abboud, Paris.

Lot 32, Sale 7895
Chafic Abboud (Lebanese, 1926-2004)
Premiers Gestes
Price Realized: $104,500