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    Ex Libris Jean R. Perrette: Important Travel, Exploration & Cartography

    5 April 2016, New York, Rockefeller Plaza

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    BOOK OF HOURS, use of Rome, in Latin and French. Ces heures sont a lusaige de Romme avec plusieurs nelles oraysons & ont este imprimees a paris par Jehan Barbier demoura[n]t en la rue Saint iaques. [Paris: Jehan Barbier, 1509].

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    BOOK OF HOURS, use of Rome, in Latin and French. Ces heures sont a lusaige de Romme avec plusieurs nelles oraysons & ont este imprimees a paris par Jehan Barbier demoura[n]t en la rue Saint iaques. [Paris: Jehan Barbier, 1509].

    PRINTED ON VELLUM. 8° (140 x 96 mm). Collation: A8 B-R8 (A1 title-page (lacking); A2r Planetary Man; A2v-B6r Calendar; B6v-B7r prayers; Gospel lessons: B7v-B8r John, B8v-C1r Luke, C1v-C2r Matthew, C2v-C3r Mark; C3v-C7r The Passion of Christ according to John; Hours of the Virgin: C7v-D4r Matins, D4v-E1r Lauds, E1v-E3r Prime, E3v-E5r Terce, E5v-E7r Sext, E7v-F1r None, F1v-F4v Vespers, F5r-F6v Compline, F6v-G5r textual variations including Advent and Christmastide; Hours of the Cross: G5v-G6r Matins, G6v-G7r Prime, G7v-G8r Terce, G8v-H1r Sext, H1v-H2r None, H2v-H3r Vespers, H3v-H4r Compline; Hours of the Holy Spirit: H4v-H5r Matins, H5v-H6r Prime, H6v-H7r Terce, H7v-H8r Sext, H8v-I1r None, I1v-I2r Vespers, I2v-I3r Compline; I3v-I6v Hours of the Conception; Penitential Psalms and Litany: I7r-I7v Psalm 6, I8r-I8v Psalm 31, K1r-K2r Psalm 37, K2v-K3v Psalm 50, K4r-K5r Psalm 101, K5v-K6r Psalm 129, K6v-K7v Psalm 142, K7v-L2r Litany; L2v-O3r Office of the Dead; Sufferages: O3v-O4r Trinity, O4r The Father, O4r The Son, O4v The Holy Spirit, O4v Prayer to the Holy Face of Christ, O5r Saint Michael, O5v Saint John the Baptist, O5v Saint Joseph, O6r Saint Peter, O6r Saint Paul, O6v Saint John the Evangelist, O6v Saint Andrew, O7r Saint James, O7r All the Apostles, O7v Saint Stephen, O7v-O8r Saint Vincent, O8r Saint Lawrence, O8r Dionysius, O8v Saint Christopher, P1r Saint Sebastian, P1v All the Martyrs, P1v Saint Nicholas, P2r Saint Claudius, P2v Saint Anthony, P2v Saint Fiacre, P3r Saint Roch, P3r Saint Anne, P3v Saint Mary Magdalen, P3v-P4r Saint Catherine, P4r Saint Barbara, P4r Saint Apolonia ; various prayers to the Virgin: P4v-P5v Obsecro te, P5v-P6v O intemerata, P6v-P7v Stabat Mater, P7v-Q2v Missus est Gabriel; Q3r-Q8v The Seven Prayers of Saint Gregory etc.; R1r-R6v various prayers in verse; R6v-R8r Index; R8v Printer’s verse). 134 (of 136 leaves, lacking a1 title and p8). Printed in red and black. Anatomical man and 59 full-page metalcuts within architectural frames, and 16 vignettes, ILLUMINATED IN GOLD AND COLORS BY A CONTEMPORARY HAND. Liquid-gold initials, paragraph marks and line-fillers painted on red and blue grounds. Four additional vellum leaves at end with paintings, see below. (Lacks two leaves including title, closely trimmed, with some borders shaved, some colors rubbed.) 18-century red morocco gilt, with black and tan morocco inlays, smooth spine with black and tan morocco inlays, black morocco lettering piece, blue watered-silk linings, edges gilt, by Padeloup. Provenance: two binder’s leaves at the end with Latin manuscript notes in an eighteenth-century hand; L.C. Berger (bookplate).

    A FINELY BOUND PRINTED HORAE. On the Calendar sequence: "Although there are a few manuscripts with this theme, the Ages of Man (as opposed to the labors or zodiac) were apparently only used as Calendar illustrations in sixteenth-century printed Horae. Traceable to a fourteenth-century French poem, the Twelve Ages divide man’s life span into periods of six years each and draws parallels between the seasonal changes and man’s growth, maturity, and decline. January (the first six years) symbolizes infancy; February (ages seven to twelve) denotes childhood; March (thirteen to eighteen) represents adolescence; and so forth, until December when (at seventy-two) man succumbs to senility and death" (Wieck, Painted Prayers, p. 35).

    The four additional vellum leaves at end are as follows: 1. Painted on recto side with portrait of man and wife praying to the Cross of Lorraine, within gilt architectural border. A space for writing below them, in the form of an open scroll, has been left blank. Below is coat of arms with motto: "Spes Mea [?] Est" (the leaf is cropped at the foot and a third word or phrase – perhaps "In Deo" - may be missing). 2. Coronation of the Virgin painted on recto within gilt architectural frame. On the lower half continued on verso side are descriptive verses in French in a contemporary hand. 3. Blank leaf, possibly added at a later date to replace a missing leaf that may have contained the conclusion of the preceding verses and the beginning of the prayers on the following leaf. 4. Prayers in a contemporary hand (in the same hand as the verses). The first prayer on the recto begins in media res, which suggests that the original leaf preceding this one is missing. A second prayer is concluded on the verso. Not in Lacombe or Murray. Bohatta 812; Tenschert, 85 (mistakenly describes copy as “unique”).

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