Fine Bird Books p. 170; Mengel 287; Nissen IVB 105; Zimmer p. 59. " /> BLAAUW, Frans Ernst (1860-1936). <I>A Monograph of the Cranes</I>, Leiden and London: E. J. Brill and R. H. Porter, 1897. 2° (364 x 361mm.). 22 chromolithographed plates after J. G. Keulemans and H. Leutemann. Original pictorial cloth gilt. (Joints and edges rubbed). <I>Provenance</I>: C. S. Barlow (morocco book-label). ONE OF 170 COPIES of this "account of the family of Cranes, with full synonymies, descriptions of various plumages, and a discussion of habits and distribution" (Zimmer) -- a "handsome, useful and basic work" (Mengel). 15 of the species figured were drawn by Heinrich Leutemann under the supervision of G. F. Westermann. <I>Fine Bird Books</I> p. 170; Mengel 287; Nissen <I>IVB</I> 105; Zimmer p. 59. | Christie's