Next Chapter: Contemporary art from an important Italian Collection

2 – 14 March 2017

Christie’s is proud to present in the online auction a selection of works from Next Chapter: Contemporary Art from an Important Italian Collection. Artworks from Next Chapter will also be offered in the Post-War and Contemporary Evening and Day auction on the 7th and 8th March. The collection brings together a selection of art works from an important Italian collection of international contemporary art. Constantly renewing their collection in an open-minded and experimental manner, the collectors of these works have created an outstanding document of the last twenty years of art history: it reflects a profoundly heterogeneous art landscape that is grappling with the explosion of possibilities inherited from the artistic revolutions of the twentieth century, while at the same time responding to the glut of images enabled by a world that is ever more globalised and technologically interconnected. Characterised by innovation and inventiveness, and imbued with a spirit of dynamic, responsive connoisseurship excited by the cutting-edge, Next Chapter is a collection befitting its time.

The iconoclastic photographs of Piotr Uklański sit alongside the work of Düsseldorf photography stalwarts Thomas Strüth and Thomas Ruff, whose sensibility finds a direct inheritor in the portraits of Rineke Dijkstra. Just as vital is a diverse grouping of sculpture that ranges from Ernesto Neto, Damián Ortega to Terence Koh and Christian Holstad. Alongside these trailblazing artists, Next Chapter offers the work of Klara Kristalova, a strong female artist, specialised in sculptural works made of ceramic. Latin American artists Ernesto Neto and Damián Ortega, whose large-scale works are two highlights of the whole collection.

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Paola Saracino Fendi