Private Selling Exhibition: Currents: Japanese Contemporary Art
Private Selling Exhibition

Currents: Japanese Contemporary Art

9-28 MAY 2014 | HONG KONG

Christie's is proud to present a private sale exhibition in Hong Kong of contemporary art from Japan. Featuring an exceptional selection of around 40 works from 16 artists, the exhibition showcases the expression and innovation in Japan today.

A range of artistic practices have been carefully curated into this show that features examples from up and coming Japanese artists such as Kimiyoshi Mishima and Keisuke Tanaka. The show also includes works by established artists such as Yoshitomo Nara, Korehiko Hino, Izumi Kato, Ikki Miyake and Atsushi Suwa, who already have a strong presence in Japan and abroad. Encompassing various media and styles, Currents: Japanese Contemporary Art will be held in the James Christie Room in Hong Kong, aiming to introduce Japanese artists to a wider audience.

Each painting, sculpture and photograph conveys a tapestry of ideas and messages – woven together from individual and cultural histories – while the exhibition as a whole speaks to the broader story of Asian contemporary art. Works by Katsuyo Aoki, Yoshimasa Tsuchiya and Akira Yamaguchi explore the traditional medium of porcelain, wood and sumi ink combining contemporary concepts to represent the latest trends. These contemporary artists are renowned for their delicate and skillful technique that exemplifies a thoughtful examination of the past and a desire to build a brighter creative future. Engaging their immediate cultural and social circumstances, with an eye to popular culture and art history, the works included in this exhibition have redefined contemporary approaches to portraiture, cultural critique, and the fundamental tenets of representation itself.


Japanese Art

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Exhibition Highlights

  • AKIRA YAMAGUCHI(Japanese, B. 1969)

    Sho-Da-Furaku (Show the Flag)

  • SHINJI OGAWA (Japanese, B. 1959)


  • ATSUSHI SUWA (Japanese, B. 1967)


  • IZUMI KATO (Japanese, B. 1969)

    Untitled (Family)

  • IKKI MIYAKE (Japanese, B. 1973)

    No. 19 Suashi Kotoba 'Perfume', for CHANEL

  • YOSHITOMO NARA (Japanese, B. 1959)

    Be Happy

  • OZAWA Tsuyoshi (Japanese, B. 1965)

    Soy Sauce Art: Andy Warhol

  • KATSUYO AOKI (Japanese, B. 1972)

    Predictive Dream XLVI

  • Yoshimasa Tsuchiya (Japanese, B. 1977)


  • KOREHIKO HINO (Japanese, B. 1976)

    Looking with a Mirror

  • Kimiyo Mishima (Japanese, B. 1932)

    Work 10 Box-A (Newpaper in Asahi Super Dry Box)

  • HIDEAKI KAWASHIMA (Japanese, B. 1969)


Exhibition and Event Information

The James Christie Room
22nd Floor, Alexandra House
18 Chater Road Central, Hong Kong

Exhibition Times 9, 12-14 May 10am-5:30pm
10, 18 May 11am-5pm
15 May 10am-7pm
16 May 10am-5pm
17 May 11am-7pm
22–28 May by appointment only

General Enquiries Tel: +852 2760 1766

Art Forum

Currents: An Introduction to a New Market of Japanese Contemporary Art Saturday 17 May, 3:00pm-4:00pm

Christie’s Art Forum is pleased to present a special introductory seminar hosted in the newly opened James Christie Room at Christie’s Alexandra House offices, which will explore an increasingly sought-after area of Contemporary Asian Art. The seminar, which is free and opens to the public, will give an introduction to the exciting Japanese Contemporary art scene, and will provide in-depth knowledge about some of Japan’s most exciting talents practicing today.

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