The Estates, Appraisals & Valuations Department can provide all the services needed to proactively or reactively manage collections, and manage the transition of such collections from generation to generation. Our clients, whether private individuals, corporates or professional advisers, could be responsible for the entire contents of numerous historic family homes, an extensive corporate collection, or a discrete collection assembled by a connoisseur in just a few years. Christie's provide a single contact, the Account Manager, to guide our clients through the valuation process and to bringtogether the global specialist expertise of Christie's.

Auction Estimates

Christie's is able to react swiftly to prospective sale valuations, whether for a few works of art in differing categories, a large collection or the contents of a house. We also advise how best to sell the works to achieve the highest returns, and will provide you with specialist service and guidance during and after the sale.

Insurance Valuations

Christie's provides authoritative Insurance valuations of the highest standard for fine and applied arts, and many collecting categories. We are able to offer a highly efficient service taking into account a client's requirements alongside the requirements that are frequently stipulated by insurers.

Appraisals & The Internal Revenue Service (US)

Estates, Appraisals & Valuations in the US has extensive experience providing appraisals that appear before the Art Advisory Panel of the Internal Revenue Service. Christie's appraisals meet IRS standards and are in accordance with the industry’s generally accepted appraisal practices. Each year we provide hundreds of appraisals for IRS related purposes.

Art Tax & Heritage Advice (UK)

Estates, Appraisals & Valuations in the UK work closely in conjunction with Christie's Heritage & Taxation Advisory Services to provide tax related valuations including tax planning and for inheritance tax purposes. The department has a wealth of expertise in dealing with professional advisors and executors, as well as private clients to ensure that the service provided is as easy and efficient as possible.

Removal & Storage

Christie's Account Managers can organize the arrangements for insuring, packing and shipping, and oversee the removal of property to appropriate sale locations. We provide complimentary storage for all property awaiting sale. We also work closely with Christie's Art Transport and CFASS. In addition, for items that are not suitable for sale at Christie's we can arrange for competitive bids from local firms to ensure the seamless liquidation of the estate.

Collection Management

Christie’s valuations will be delivered on the Collectrium digital platform, allowing you to manage, interact, and track your appraised objects. It is now possible to care for your entire collection from one unique, integrated platform.