Sir Joshua Reynolds P.R.A. (1732-1792)
Double Portrait of Miss Maria Gideon (1767–1834),
later Lady Saye and Sele, and her brother William
Gideon (1775-1805), full length in a wooded landscape

Accepted in lieu of tax by HM Government in 2011-12
and allocated to the Barber Institute of Fine Arts
in Birmingham.
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In 1970, Christie's was the first auction house to recognise the importance of offering tax related advice to clients and their professional advisers on the increasingly complex tax and reporting regulations affecting assets and heritage property.

Over 35 years, the department has built up extensive and unrivalled experience, helping numerous Christie's clients with transactions that have resulted in over 10,000 chattels of pre-eminent national interest or associated with buildings of outstanding historical or public interest, being acquired by public museums, galleries or institutions, through a private treaty sale or in lieu of inheritance tax or other death duties.

The department also has considerable experience in advising on the deferral and mitigation of capital tax charges arising on death or otherwise on important chattels of pre-eminent quality and also on land and buildings of particular architectural, historic, scientific, scenic or amenity interest. The legislation in this area is both complex and shifting. Nevertheless, it remains possible to obtain valuable benefit through appropriate management and disposal of chattels and land.

The Heritage & Taxation Advisory Service publishes Christie’s Bulletin for Professional Advisers, a biannual journal which covers recent developments in the world of heritage and taxation.

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