Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Value all - Empower all - Respect all

Christie’s is committed to having a diverse, inclusive and socially engaged organisation. Our values are clear: we condemn discrimination in all forms. Respect has been, and always will remain a core value.

We continue our work on addressing greater Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and while acknowledging it will take time, we continue to take concrete steps to use our position to engage with talent from broader cultural, social and economic backgrounds as well as with disabilities.

By actively using our role as an employer and our platform in the art world, we can better amplify under-represented voices and support positive change in our sector.

At Christie’s we promote talent regardless of gender, age or ethnicity, and continue to take ongoing action to increase diversity in the company. In recruitment, we aim to engage with talent from diverse cultural, social and economic backgrounds and talent with disabilities. We understand that inclusion drives innovation, and we value different individual experiences and expertise.

All our employees, including our internal groups devoted to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, Corporate Social Responsibility and our senior leaders, are energized and committed to creating positive change. We continue to focus on a broad range of matters related to: Disability, Ethnicity, LGBTQIA+ and Socio-Economic differences.

While recognising that there is still much to do, our program is growing and developing. A few recent initiatives have included:

• Broadening our recruiting practices including for paid internships globally

• Supporting external organisations such as Futures & Options

• Mandatory workshops for all employees on Unconscious Bias Training

• Running the UK Apprenticeship Scheme to help create a sustainable and diverse talent pipeline

• In the U.S., monetary support for the NAACP in their overarching mission to combat racism and discrimination, and an internship partnership with the Alliance of Historically Black Colleges and Universities

• Hosting regular LGBTQIA+ networking events

• Improving wheelchair access across all sites and added hearing loops, braille signage and accessibility information points

• Hosting a global mentoring programme, recognising and fostering our young talent across the company

• Ensuring we have robust internal policies regarding Equal Employment Opportunity, Anti-Harassment and Anti-Discrimination

While these steps represent a strong commitment to our values, we continue to hold ourselves accountable to be better. We are listening carefully to our employees for ongoing ideas on how to address discrimination in all forms, as well as how to evolve a more inclusive and innovative culture to leave a lasting impact on the organization and the world around us.