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Crozier in Partnership with Christie’s Launches New Regular Sea Freight Route Between London and New York

Sea Freight Provides an 80% Reduction in Emissions Compared to Air Freight, Providing a More Sustainable Art Transport Solution

 London - A pioneering initiative aiming to significantly reduce the carbon footprint associated with artwork transportation is launched today by Crozier in partnership with Christie’s. This new initiative will now afford arts organizations the opportunity to minimize the environmental impact of shipping by choosing sea vs. air freight – calculated to represent an 80% reduction in impact compared to standard air freight shipments. Together, the companies will inaugurate a monthly service to determine viability of creating a fleet of bespoke sea containers exclusively for the transportation of artworks between London and New York and every 2 months between London and Hong Kong. Each shipment will allow 60% of space for use by Christie’s with remaining space available for consolidated Crozier gallery client shipments.

Tom Woolston, Global Head of Operations, Christie’s, stated: “Christie’s continues to work to find more sustainable business solutions and is pleased to collaborate with Crozier on this initiative, which has significant potential to expand. Reducing carbon emissions continues to be a guiding principle in our business practices so this is an important step in our pledge to reach net zero by 2030.”

It is estimated that the average sailing time for the regular shipments would be 12 days.

“By joining forces, Crozier and Christie’s aim to offer this special sea container initiative to those seeking alternative and more sustainable methods of transportation,”said Simon Hornby, Senior Vice President, Crozier Europe. “We plan to reach expanding geographies worldwide as this initiative progresses providing the safe, ethical movement of culture on a global scale. We are thrilled to partner with Christie’s to launch this initiative as we strive towards collective action to bring systemic change to sustainability practices in our industry.”

Crozier has worked for over a decade to reduce its energy use within the industry and has prioritized recycling, sourcing sustainable materials from ecologically-minded suppliers, and working to consolidate shipping. Crozier’s specially developed, highly monitored, safe containers address identified risks that are crucial for the transportation of artworks.

“At Crozier, we are determined to pursue our commitment towards a greener future and will continue to spearhead a series of measures to play our part in addressing the global climate crisis. The environmental impact of arts logistics is a well-known industry-wide issue. It requires ongoing leadership, collaboration and engagement from the organizations that are a part of its ecosystem,” concluded Simon Hornby.

Notes to editors:


NY - loading the container in UK to unloading the container in NY              20 days

Loading container/Delivery to Port                        5 days

On the water                                                         10 days

Delivery to Shipper/unloading container                5 days

These timeframes do not include crating, warehouse consolidation etc.

Door to door is 6 weeks LND - NY / NY - LND 

HK - loading the container in UK to unloading the container in HK              40 days

Loading container/Delivery to Port                          5 days

On the water                                                            30 days

Delivery to Shipper/unloading container                  5 days

These timeframes do not include crating, warehouse consolidation etc.
Door to door is 10 weeks LND - HK

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