New York

Antiquities Including Property from the Collection of Max Palevsky

Ancient Jewelry

 New York – December 9, 2010

Sale no: 2364 and 2375 – Top Ten

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Lots Sold: 263

Lots Offered: 347

Sold by Lot: 76%

Sold by $: 96%

Exchange Rate: £ = $1.57 /  € = $1.32




Estimate ($)


Purchase Price




A Cycladic Marble Reclining Female Figure, Name-Piece of the Schuster Master, Early Cycladic II, Circa 2400 B.C


3,000,000 - 5,000,000






A Roman Marble Emperor, Circa Late 1st- Early 2nd Century A.D.

600,000 - 900,000




US Private


A Roman Marble Torso of A God or Athlete, Circa 1st Century B.C.- 1st Century A.D.

300,000 - 500,000




US Private


A Roman Marble Draped Female Herm, Circa 1st- 2nd Century A.D.

250,000 - 350,000




International Private


An Egyptian Bronze Standard Finial, New Kingdom to Third Intermediate Period, Dynasty XVII-XXV, 1550-712 B.C.

200,000 - 300,000




International Private


An Egyptian Red Granite Statue of a Queen, Late Ptolemaic Period, Circa 1st Century B.C.

200,000 - 300,000




US Private


A Large Egyptian Bronze Falcon-Headed Horus, Ptolemaic Period, 304-30 B.C.

150,000 - 250,000




US Private


A Roman Marble Athena, Circa 1st-2nd Century A.D.

200,000 - 300,000




US Private


A Roman Marble Archaistic Bearded Head of Dionysos, Circa 2nd Century A.D.

100,000 - 150,000




European Private


A Roman Over-Lifesized Marble Head of Hecules, Flavian Period, Circa 69-98 A.D.

80,000 - 120,000




US Private

G. Max Bernheimer, International Department Head of Antiquities and Molly Morse Limmer, Head of Department, said: “Christie's Antiquities Department made history once again, achieving $34 million, the highest total for an Antiquities sale at Christie’s and selling the exceptional Cycladic marble reclining female figure for an amazing $16.8 million, a world auction record for a Cycladic marble figure and the highest price achieved for an ancient work of art ever sold at Christie’s.  There was tremendous activity in the packed saleroom and on the telephones for astounding works, which achieved stupendous prices especially for Roman marble sculptures from the Collection of Max Palevsky and Egyptian bronzes.  The Ancient Jewelry sale held exclusively and annually at Christie's New York was highlighted by three Roman gold-mounted sardonyx cameos, which sold for $146,500.”

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Sung-Hee Park, 212 636 2680,

Date and Location of Next Sale:

15 December, Paris


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