Athena + Christie’s

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Athena Art Finance

Athena Art Finance brings a principled and institutional approach to art financing. As a disciplined specialty lender, Athena offers competitive non-recourse loans, focused exclusively on fine art as collateral. We are not an investment fund, but rather we use our own dedicated capital to provide art-backed loans. We do not invest in or acquire art.

Athena Art Solutions

Through Athena’s proprietary art collection management and data analytics platform, the Research and Collection Management teams at Athena Art Solutions can provide a wide range of services including bespoke and unbiased art market intelligence reports as well as logistics and collection management support.

About the partnership

In partnership with Christie’s, we are pleased to provide a set of infographics developed by Athena to quantitatively analyze the results of the key fine art auctions in London and New York throughout the year.

Click below to download the most recent set of infographics and to subscribe to receive any future sales results analytics. We look forward to having you subscribe for future updates and soon to be offered bespoke infographic subscriptions offered to Christie’s clients.