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During the registration process, we may ask you to provide sensitive credit information that allows us to serve you better. We are keenly aware of the sensitivity of this information that you have entrusted to us and have taken security measures to safeguard your personal information online.

  • You may access your account information online from Christie's Website only with your User ID and Password that is known to you only and that you have created when you set up your online account.

  • Christie's uses advanced technology to encrypt your login, password and credit information that is stored in a secure database allowing limited access to a select few of authorized Christie's employees only.

  • Security professionals regularly conduct tests to determine our vulnerability and to fix flaws immediately.

  • Security patches are applied immediately as soon as they are released by the vendors with whom we are working.

Fraudulent E-mails

Please note that Christie's never sends e-mails asking you to reply with your account or other personal information.

E-mail fraud is a common tool of identity thieves. An increasingly common fraudulent activity, called "phishing", uses official-looking e-mails to deceive consumers into disclosing their personal information. The e-mail often directs the recipient to a look-alike Website of a legitimate business, tricking consumers into believing they are responding to a valid request. Other fraudulent e-mails entice users to make a purchase and are designed primarily to obtain credit card or bank account information. Christie's never sends e-mails asking you to reply with your account or other personal information.

To avoid getting caught in any of these fraudulent activities, please remember to:

  • Keep your login and password secret

  • Change your password periodically

  • Never give out your personal and account information by e-mail or telephone, unless you initiated the contact

  • Verify that you are on this page,, whenever you are about to register, edit or add information to your account, or set up a new Christie's account. You may want to add this URL to your browser's Favorites or Bookmarks menu

  • Always end your secure session on completely by clicking the Log Out link at the top right-hand side of the page and by closing your browser's window


If you have any queries or concerns about the use and protection of your personal data, please e-mail us at or telephone our Client Services Department, Monday-Friday, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm (local times) as follows:

London: +44 (0)20 7839 9060
New York: +1 212 492 5485

Fraudulent Companies

It has come to the attention of international auction business, Christie's (, that there are companies not associated with nor authorized by Christie’s, who are misleading the public into thinking they are part of Christie's by using our company brand names and trademarks "Christie's" and "佳士得". Such unauthorized companies include those operating under the following names: 佳士德, 香港佳士德藝術品拍賣有限公司, 香港佳士德国际艺术品拍卖有限公司, Jia Shi De, Chritrs, H.K. Chritrs International Arts Auction Ltd., Chritrs Arts Auction Ltd. and Hobo Auction House.

Christie's is extremely concerned that these companies are causing confusion in the marketplace, and wishes to clarify that they are not related to Christie's in any way. Their websites, images published on these websites, and events are also not related to Christie’s.

Christie’s auction venue in Asia is in Hong Kong. For information, please contact our representative office below:

Hong Kong Contact
+852 2521 5396

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