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28 October 2013 | Jewellery, Watches & Handbags
In Dubai complicated watches can be bought for (almost) reasonable prices

Christie's is adopting an audacious and seductive strategy for its first watch auction in Dubai: not many lots (48), but almost exclusively with complications signed by the biggest brands, a large number of tourbillons, and above all, prices well below those of the market. Why is that? Christie's expert, Reginald Brack, explains the auction house's strategy to us: 'This is our first auction in Dubai and we know that, over there, collectors particularly love Grand Complications. The exceptional character of the watches that we are offering them will encourage them to raise the bid, most definitely. But by starting the bidding low, we think that collectors will be even more active in relation to certain pieces, like Breguet's Messidor tourbillon (lot 38).'

Le Point
26 October 2013 | Jewellery, Watches & Handbags
Largest orange diamond expected to set world record

Diamonds have become the choice for investors who are into portable, tangible wealth. Auction after auction, record-breaking sales of shiny, hard assets are heating up. The next supersized rock expected to set a new world record is not your average rock, it's a rare orange diamond called 'The Orange.'

25 October 2013 | Books & Manuscripts
George Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation on Display

Thanksgiving is one of the most beloved American holidays. While it’s believed that the Pilgrims were the first to offer thanks for settling in the New World, it didn’t become an official national observance until 1789, several days after the first Congress adopted the Bill of Rights. This is one of only two known copies of George Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation, signed on October 3rd, 1789, 224 years ago.

NBC 5 Chicago
22 October 2013 | Books & Manuscripts
Original Thanksgiving Proclamation Makes One-Day Stop in Highland Park

It’s almost time for Thanksgiving, and the Harlan Crow Library in Highland Park has the 1789 document to prove it. Pres. George Washington signed the Thanksgiving proclamation Oct. 3, 1789, establishing the American holiday.

The Dallas Morning News
4 October 2013 | Jewellery, Watches & Handbags
Dazzling bling on the auction block at Christie's

You may think you know diamonds. Perhaps you’ve tried on your great-grandmother’s engagement ring or perused the counters at Cartier or Tiffany. But nothing can prepare you for the experience of slipping on a rectangular-cut, 24.13-carat yellow diamond, flanked (naturally) on either side by a shield-shaped diamond and set in 18k gold and platinum. Rings like this are the stuff of legend. Surely Princess Grace or Princess Di or Princess Mia of Genovia wore such a ring? You stare at the enormous stones and the facets seem limitless; the refracted light, dazzling.

Los Angeles Times
2 October 2013 | Books & Manuscripts
Proclamation Establishing Thanksgiving Up for Sale

President George Washington's 1789 proclamation establishing the first Day of Thanksgiving is set to be auctioned in New York City. The document will be sold Nov. 14 at Christie's. The only other known copy of the proclamation is at the Library of Congress, the auction house said.

The Associated Press
1 October 2013 | Jewellery, Watches & Handbags
Christie's Launches Online-Only Watch Sales With "The Essential Watch Collection": BID NOW!

Recently Christie's has made a number of moves to connect more people with great watches, include Private Sales in New York City and last week's inaugural Shanghai auction. Today Christie's launches its first online-only watch auction, running October 1 through October 8. Called 'The Essential Watch Collection,' this sale offers up popular and accessible references from brands including Rolex, Omega, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Patek Philippe, and more.  And you can bid on them from your home or office, and pay with a credit card.

1 October 2013 | Jewellery, Watches & Handbags
Colored Diamonds Headline Christie’s Auction

The fall auction season is heating up, and Christie’s has announced that its Magnificent Jewels sale in New York will feature three exceptional colored diamonds: a rectangular-cut 8.77-carat intense-pink diamond, a cushion-cut 3.81-carat vivid-blue diamond, and a square-cut 5.13-carat vivid-yellow diamond. Additionally, the sale—on October 15th—will offer three top-quality D-color diamonds, weighing 25.30 carats, 18.28 carats, and 9.52 carats. These six notable stones are estimated to fetch between $850,000 and $3 million each.

Robb Report
1 October 2013 | Jewellery, Watches & Handbags
Pocket Watches for Today's Man

A few months ago, at the Christie’s Important Watches auction in Midtown, a fine 18k pink gold Patek Philippe pocket watch manufactured in 1898 sold for just over $2.25 million. While this was no ordinary pocket watch—it offered a minute repeater, perpetual calendar, split-second chronograph, grande and petite sonneries, and a moon phase indicator—the high sales figure also reflected the new interest collectors and watch aficionados have for vintage and newly released pocket watches.

Gotham Magazine
1 October 2013 | Jewellery, Watches & Handbags
Christie's launches its first 100% online auction

Several weeks ago, L'Argus des Montres introduced the new Christie's private sales department. Now the auction house is moving into online auctions, offering aficionados of vintage watches some highly solicited models in excellent condition. Reginald Brack, Director of Private Sales - Watches and specialist in Patek Philippe and Rolex, assumed the task of assembling the items for this 100% online sale. So it will be possible to monitor the auctions and acquire items from 1 - 8 October through the following link:

L'Argus des Montres
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