Impressionist and Modern Art

New York, 12–13 November 2015

From René Magritte’s Surrealist masterpiece Le miroir universel to Joan Miró’s richly imaginative sculpture Personnage, this season’s Impressionist & Modern Art auctions feature defining works from the greatest artists of this era. Discover prestigious private collections created by American collectors, including Property from the Collection of Dr. Herbert Kayden and Dr. Gabrielle Reem, the Miles and Shirley Fiterman Collection and the Harry W. & Mary Margaret Anderson Collection; explore extraordinary masterpieces and learn more about the stories behind the works leading this season, including Pablo Picasso’s Homme assis (Mardi Gras) and Salvadore Dalí’s“Impression” of Bougereau. An Evening Sale, a Day Sale and a Works on Paper auction will complete this week’s sale series.

In addition, browse and bid in our online sale featuring Picasso ceramics, which runs from 3–17 November.

Featured Collections

Discover remarkable collections from the season thoughtfully assembled by passionate collectors

Special Features

  • What this sculpture means to me
  • Specialists from the Impressionist and Modern Art department in New York discuss why they’re moved by sculptures by Jean Arp, Julio González, Jacques Lipchitz and Henry Moore offered in our forthcoming sales
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  • The gathering storm
  • From George Grosz’s drawings of Hitler-era Berlin to the impact of the A-bomb on Salvador Dali — a selection of World War II-influenced works from our forthcoming Impressionist and Modern Art sales in New York
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  • Dalí and the Barberry Room nymphs
  • Salvador Dali might have been once best known for his outlandish antics — such as the performance that produced this ‘lost’ work — but, serious collectors are now reconsidering the ‘extraordinarily skilled’ Surrealist
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Explore the New York Sales Week

From Impressionism to the art of today, this November, our New York sales week will feature works that have shaped the course of art history

  • The Artist's Muse
  • An unprecedented sale, offering a curated selection of works focusing on the artist’s muse—inspirations to some of the greatest masterpieces of the 20th century
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  • Post-War and Contemporary Art
  • From blue-chip artists and post-war masters to contemporary stars and more, the auction series feature the most sought-after art from the 20th and 21st centuries
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