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Digital Art: NFTs

On 11 March 2021, Christie’s sold the first non-fungible token based purely on a digital work of art ever offered by a major auction house for US$69,346,250. This summer Christie’s latest Art + Tech Summit dedicated to NFTs was sold out, with over 1,000 attendees in person at Rockefeller Center in New York and virtually, tuning in from all over the world.

We are excited to celebrate and recognise artists in a new medium, and to see how artists will utilise this technology to open up a world of new creative opportunities. NFTs have the potential to transform how we think about and establish ownership. NFTs allow us to trace provenance, exhibition history and the authenticity of ownership in digital art and other assets in a secure and permanent manner.

As one of the most trusted names within the global art market with unparalleled reach, Christie’s is guided by our commitment to quality and authenticity in an increasingly digital world. With the advent of the digital collectible space and digital sales becoming more important to our audience, Christie’s seeks to responsibly steward the art community with a view towards the development of a sustainable NFT-based artwork environment.

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NFT 101: Collecting guide to ‘non-fungible tokens’

Christie’s explains everything you need to know, and answers all the questions you've secretly been wondering, about an NFT, or ‘non-fungible token’, in this NFT 101: Collecting Guide.

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Art and Tech Summit: NFTs and Beyond

As part of our ongoing initiative to spark dialogue about the role and impact of emerging technologies in the art world, Christie’s held a one-day conference, Art and Tech Summit: NFTs and Beyond on 15 July. The Summit combined a live and virtual format, bringing together innovators, artists, thought leaders and collectors for a series of panel discussions around NFTs in the morning session, followed by afternoon conversations on the way technology is impacting the way we create, experience, buy and sell art.

The Summit was presented by Stella Artois and supported by APENFT and Tron.