Buying Basics


Mention of an art auction conjures images of fast-talking auctioneers, adrenalin-fuelled bidding and eleventh-hour drama. And while we think that’s the fun part, it can also feel intimidating to a first-time collector. In reality, bidding has never been easier or more accessible, whether you want to attend a live auction at one of Christie’s auction houses around the world, or simply do it from home online.

And buying fine art and objects isn’t the sole purview of millionaires: price points run the gamut, particularly in online sales, where you might pick up an original de Kooning or Warhol for just a few thousand dollars.

Watch our video for a quick tutorial on how to buy at Christie’s or view our step-by-step buying guide.

Step 1: Find What You Love
Step 2: Register & Bid
Step 3: Arrange for Payment
Step 4: Ship Your Property

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