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Event Date31 July 2020 | Live auction 18831

Handbags & Accessories

Handbags & Accessories

Sale Overview

It is with great pleasure that we present the London Handbags & Accessories Summer auction including 120 pieces, chosen for their rarity, uniqueness, and desirability. Whether you are visiting us in person, online or via the phone, we welcome you to this season’s sale room. We are pleased to announce that our cutting edge digital capabilities have hosted bidders from over 40 countries in our Handbag auctions. We invite you to journey through time, beginning in 1920, when the name Louis Vuitton was as synonymous with luxury travel, as it is today. The technological advancements implemented by Louis Vuitton and his sons in the 19th century were cutting edge material developments. This spirit of modernisation is a theme that persists to this day. Our auction is filled with historically important pieces, tracing the history of travel and design, style and fashion, and even women’s changing roles in society. We look forward to hearing from you this season, to assist you with your collecting needs remotely or in person, and to share our handbag knowledge and passion.

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