Say It Loud

Say It Loud

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Christie’s is proud to announce its first exhibition solely dedicated to the promotion and empowerment of Black art entitled SAY IT LOUD (I’m Black and I’m Proud) in partnership with acclaimed curator Destinee Ross-Sutton. The exhibition presents the works of 22 international young, emerging and mid-career Black artists who each explore the notion of self through different lenses. Incorporating deeply personal aspects of their immediate environment, elements of the past, utopian premises, spirituality and digital avenues, each of these artists use their mediums as guiding forces to construct images of identity- whether it be their own, that of a society, or that of an overlooked community- in order to empower voices that have traditionally been silenced. As these artists play upon perception, they live in their own self-constructed worlds, urging us to confront systemically taught notions of Blackness, and have the difficult and healing conversations necessary to move our society forward.

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31 July—21 August

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