Gloria Klein: Beautiful Structures

Gloria Klein: Beautiful Structures

Sale Overview

Christie’s New York presents a new Selling Exhibition, Gloria Klein / Beautiful Structures, celebrating the extraordinary body of work of New York-based artist Gloria Klein. Born in Brownsville, New York, Klein came of age in the 1970s and played a vital role in organizing many artist-based initiatives in SoHo and on the Lower East Side. Her paintings can be read as Minimalist, Conceptual and systems-based, but they are also indebted to the burgeoning support for ‘women’s work’ and the Pattern & Decoration movement.

This is the first major solo exhibition in New York to be dedicated exclusively to Klein’s paintings from the 1970s. These paintings openly display the time-consuming process of their creation, making evident the weeks and months of obsessive activity with which they were made.

The exhibition can be viewed in person, by appointment, at our Rockefeller Center galleries from 17-30 June. Please click here to schedule your viewing.

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