Chassis No. S232KR
Engine No. 20329
Two tone green with beige leather interior.

Engine: six cylinder, 7,668cc, overhead valve; Gearbox: three speed manual; Brakes: four wheel drum; Suspension: front semi elliptic leaf springs, rear cantilever leaf springs. Left hand drive.

Sir Henry Royce was reluctant to change, as the twenty year production of his famous Silver Ghost 40/50hp demonstrated, so when he introduced his New Phantom, better known as the Phantom I, the changes were only evolutionary. The car was launched in 1925 and retained the Silver Ghost chassis and transmission, except for the old cone clutch which was replaced by a single dry plate type.

The main feature was the engine, which still retained two blocks of three cylinders each, but was now an overhead valve six cylinder design, with a single detatchable alloy cylinder head. A third more power was available, and with four wheel servo assisted brakes the overall performance and braking was well ahead of its competitors, and was of optimum build quality. Although this model had only a five year production run it was very successful, the American Springfield version captivated the wealthy in North America. The specialist coachbuilders of the day provided some of the finest and most elegant body styles ever seen in the history of motoring. Their craftsmanship was at its peak during this period, and the American Brewster-bodied Phantom I Derby Tourer is a magnificent example of the coachbuilders trade, with its distinctive door shape and attractive rear detailing.

Chassis number S 232 KR, offered here, was first delivered to Mr. R. Kennett of New Hampshire on August 15, 1932. This original bodied Derby tourer was purchased by the current owner fifteen years ago. During this ownership the car has been used very infrequently, however the owner has spent considerable sums of money to bring the car up to his own satisfaction. In 1981/82 in excess of $30,000 was spent on the engine and chassis, between 1982 and 1984 attention to the paintwork and chrome cost in the region of $5,000. In 1986 the car was re-upholstered with Connolly hides and Wilton wool carpets which cost $6,435, at the same time the gaitors and top were replaced. Also in 1986 the car was completely re-wired at a cost of $9,468. In 1994 a major sevice and overhaul of the fuel system was carried out at a cost of $5,600.

While not a show car, this beautiful Derby tourer has been very well maintained. It comes with a full set of side screens, contored trunk on the rear, twin mounted spare wheels and a set of wheel discs (not currently fitted). This Springfield Phantom I is featured on page 77 of Rolls-Royce in America by John Webb de Campi.

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