A blue and white dinner service


A blue and white dinner service
Painted with a large flower-head reserved on a whorl-pattern ground, each petal and the stamen enclosing a skipping boy or flower stem, comprising:
- Two oval tureens and covers (one cover with minute frittings), 23 cm. and 26 cm. wide
- A deep oval dish (polished rim), 38 cm. wide
- Two pairs of deep oval dishes (minor rim frittings), 31.5 cm. and 35 cm. wide
- Three oval dishes (polished rims, one repaired), 34 cm. - 42 cm. wide - A pair of oval dishes (rim chips and restorations), 29.5 cm. wide
- A set of three oval dishes (one with minute frittings), 25.5 cm. wide - Two circular dishes (rim frittings), 32 cm. and 38 cm. diam.
- A set of circular saucer-dishes (one with cram restoration and two cracks, two with polished rims, one with fritted rim), 29 cm. diam.
- A saucer-dish (cram restoration, cracks and polished rim), 26 cm. diam.
- A set of seven saucer-dishes (three with rim cracks and polished rims, the others with rim fritttings), 22 cm. diam.
- A pair of pierced saucer-dishes, 27.3 cm. diam.
- A pierced saucer-dish (some rim frittings), 24.5 cm. diam.
- Forty-eight plates (two repaired, some with cracks and chips), 23 cm. diam.
- Sixteen soup-plates (some with cracks and chips), 23 cm. diam.
- Twenty-three side-dishes (three repaired, some with chips and cracks), 16 cm. diam.
- Two bowls and one cover (one cover missing, the other cover partly polished, frittings), 12.5 cm. diam.
- A U-shaped bowl and cover (chip to handle), 10.5 cm. diam. (122)

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