Graflex cameras
Graflex Inc., Rochester, NY; comprising Century Graphic no. 502293, 2 x 3 inch, with a Kalart rangefinder, a Graflex Trioptar f/4.5 103mm. lens; a Speed Graphic no. 847160, 4 x 5 inch, with a Kalart rangefinder a Kodak Ektar f/4.7 127mm. lens no. ET4785; a Burke & James Inc., press camera, 4 x 5 inch, with a Kalart rangefinder, a Wollensak f/4.7 135mm. lens no. 556085; a Speed Graphic no. 710342, 120-rollfilm, with magazine back, Kalart rangefinder, a Kodak Ektar f/4.5 101mm. lens no. RC1736; a No.3A Graflex no. 99182, rollfilm, with a Bausch & Lomb Tessar 5 x 7 lens no. 3142268 (5)

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