A 1958 Fender Stratocaster
Serial No. 29482, neck date 8-58 in pencil, in translucent blonde finish, with gold-plated metal parts, maple neck with skunk-stripe routing, twenty-one fret fingerboard with dot inlays, three pickups, three rotary controls, three-way selector switch, tremolo bridge/tailblock and white pickguard; and a tweed hardshell case with yellow plush lining and Lee Dickson's handwritten adhesive paper label Fender "Mary Kay" (sic) Strat 9482

Fender Stratocasters from this period with a translucent blonde finish and gold-plated metal parts have come to be termed "Mary Kaye" models because of their association with '50s guitarist Mary Kaye. This custom finish was one of the first to be advertised by Fender in the 1950s.

Clapton said that he used this guitar during recording sessions for the 1998 Pilgrim album. He also said of playing this guitar that " has a jazz feel to it which makes it difficult to play blues on, but ideal for recording work..". He remarked that he had wanted a "Mary Kaye" for some time before he acquired this one.
Fender Strat 'Mary Kaye'/Blonde

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