a rare early east javanese bronze temple bell

DATED 963 A.D.

a rare early east javanese bronze temple bell
dated 963 A.D.
The stupa shaped bell with lotus-petal border, a line with inscription and looped tassels, surmounted by a moulded lotus, supporting a reclining bull, its tail curled backwards, long curved horns, his back with a looped suspension ring, green patina
18 cm high

Lot Essay

The inscription may be translated as follows: 'In the saka-year 885 (=A.D. 963), on the first day of the crescent moon (i.e. New Year's day) - on this date the Rakryan Putadanu, Sir Garanyang (?) made the pious gift of a wina at Reban.'

"Although the reading and translation are quite clear (except perhaps the precise title and name of the donor (perhaps: Garadyang), the meaning of the text is obscure. Why was the gift of a wina, i.e. a kind of ancient sithar, inscribed on a ghanta or sacrificial bell? As to the name of the village where the gift took place, I have no other reference, nor to the name and title of the donor".

Christie's would like to thank Prof. dr. J.G. de Casparis, Leiden, for translating the inscription and his comment.

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