Engine No. 113979
Blue with black fenders and black leather upholstery
Engine: four cylinder, 176.7ci., 22hp; Gearbox: planetary transmission, two speeds forward, one speed reverse, three pedal one lever; Suspension: transverse springs, front and rear; Brakes: contracting band transmission. Right hand drive.

No other car had such a dramatic impact on the automobile industry as the Ford Model T. Introduced in October 1908, the revolutionary little cars were simple, well-designed, reliable and very affordable at $590 by 1912. For the first time, the automobile was attainable for the common man, and Henry Ford's famous production line catered to that demand by supplying some 15 million Model T's. Most of all, they were great cars. Ford's use of vanadium steel made the Model T light yet strong. The 20hp monobloc engine with a detachable cylinder head was an advanced design that gave an impressive 50mph top speed - far better than almost any car for its size and weight.
Little is known about the history of this Model T Torpedo. It is believed that Mr. Brown had the car restored by a T specialist, the late Oakley Sumpter. The quality and authenticity of the restoration work are to a good standard, though the car has not been used or shown since the restoration. As a result, the T will have a very fresh overall appearance once cleaned and detailed. It is finished in the correct and attractive color scheme for 1912 of dark blue with black. Christie's anticipates that by the time of the sale, the correct tail, side lamps and carbide generator will be located and installed on the car. The Torpedo body style is one of the more desirable of the types offered on the T, and it is eligible for all Horseless Carriage and Veteran Motor Car Club events.

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