Chassis No. 18987693
Tan with dark brown upholstery
Engine: L-head V-8, 221ci., 85bhp at 3,800rpm; Gearbox: three speed manual; Suspension: semi-elliptic leaf springs; Brakes: four wheel drums. Left hand drive.
When Henry Ford introduced the new Ford V-8 in 1932, he made automotive history yet again. This time he did so by introducing the more powerful V-8 on his cars at four cylinder Ford prices. Along with more power, the new Fords were also better looking. They featured a V shaped radiator, as well as a smoother and aerodynamic body. The 1932 model year, though highly popular, served more to see how Ford could refine the cars in ensuing years. As a result many of the early problems with the new Fords, such as cooling and piston failure, were solved by the end of the model year.
1934 was the highlight of the Ford V8s; they were solid, dependable and pretty cars and most importantly at $575.00 brand new, still a bargain. Most of the styling changes on the 1934 cars were carried over from the 1933 model year upgrades. The car was slightly more streamlined with the addition of angled side hood louvers, acorn shaped headlamps and a new front bumper with a light center dip in it. In 1934 the fenders came color-matched to the car and a Stromberg carburetor was added in place of the standard Detroit Lubricator. The V-8s also had performance to match their good looks causing one owner, famous gangster Clyde Barrow, to comment in a letter to Henry Ford in April of 1934, what a dandy car you make.
The 1934 Ford DeLuxe Roadster on offer here is reported to have been purchased by Mr. Brown more than 25 years ago. While under Mr. Brown's ownership, the Ford received a comprehensive restoration and appears to have remained in presentable condition since. It is fitted with the optional DeLuxe model twin horns, cowl lamps, twin tail lamps, the trademark greyhound radiator cap, wind wings and a radio. The V-8 is also attractively finished with DeLuxe pinstriping which matches the yellow wire spoke rims. Of the V-8 series Fords, a 1934 DeLuxe Roadster is widely regarded as the most desirable. The purchaser of this V-8 is also invited to inquire about the purchase of the spare engine, currently stored in Maryland.

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