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FLYNN, Errol.
Archive of 9 autograph letters signed ("Baron"), ("Dad"), and ("Baron & Dad"), and 1 heavily inscribed photo, to his children, Rome, Tangier, Marseille, Paris, New York, no dates, 3 quarto, 2 small octavo, 4 postcards, 1 letter has some paper loss, the rest are all fine. Also included in the lot is a monocale, worn by Flynn in a skit on the Red Skelton Show. The correspondence is from various movie and other locales and is quite wonderful, exposing as it does the warm and loving side of Flynn, the devoted father. On MGM India Ltd. stationery he writes, "Rory and Sam" [Flynn used pet names for his daughters -- and for himself] darlings and this is for Rory too, please explain to her will you Sam? I am trying so hard to get you a wonderful thing for Christmas -- a little animal, named Samree ... Maybe I can or can't I love you your Baron." On the photograph taken in a moments relaxation on the set of his latest Western, Flynn writes near his head This me is me -- On the verso he pens a humorous note: Here's Chief Deerfoot -- sneaking up on me to take a picture. I'm sure glad he didn't want my scalp! People can look conspicuous without a scalp especially in a movie Dad". On a postcard picturing the Hotel George V in Paris, he writes, "Darling darling Sam -- your Baron is working hard but is thinking and dreaming of you all the time. I want so much to come home and give you a great enormous kiss and hug. I love you XX Baron". From another postcard, Am waiting word from MGM when I go to India. Meanwhile am having so many anti-plague, anti this and that my fanny looks like a dart board." And from New York Dierdre Darling -- here's a check for $200 for your horse -- sorry, I didn't know about it before. Am in terrible hurry -- but I love you and may soon be seeing you. You must share your horse with Rory -- darling. Don't be selfish about it -- you will please me by having Rory & you being pals with the horse Love. Baron."
Provenance: Dierdre Flynn (10)


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