Miragioscope camera obscura
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Miragioscope camera obscura

Miragioscope camera obscura
Charles Chevalier, Paris; a collapsable boxform reflex camera obscura, the exterior covered in green-paper with gilt cross-hatch decoration; collapsable side, back and front panels, internal mirror; glass screen to hold sketching paper with cover lifting to form a light shade with side flaps; removable single meniscus lens; and fixed dark cloth, in maker's wood box, the lid with paper label with French instructions and the outside with shipping label
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The instructions, translated, read:

Manière de se servir de l'appareil
Open the apparatus by pulling up the corners, which are folded inside. Put the lens in the round opening. Fix with gum or bees wax a transparent square paper on the clear glass.
Open and fix the hood in the two copper hooks, and direct the apparatus towards the item you want to draw. If the object you are drawing is rather far away (a landscape, for example) you have to put the glass side next to the opening. If on the contrary the object is rather near (like a portrait or a print) you will have to put the glass outside, and lengthen or shorten the tube so that the image is clear on the paper.
You have to have a good light on the item you are drawing, and place the Miragioscope as much as in the shadow as you can.


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