XIE SHICHEN (1487-circa 1567)

XIE SHICHEN (1487-circa 1567)

Six Views of Luhong Thatched Hall

Album of six leaves, ink on silk, each leaf measures 11¾ x 15¼in. (30 x 39cm.)

a) The Golden and Green Pool
b) The Cave of Philosophy
c) The Yard of the Green Curtain
d) The Misting Mountain Forest
e) The Rocks of Cleaning Hexations
f) The Inverted Reflection Terrace

Each leaf entitled

Each leaf with one or two seals of the artist

Each leaf with one to three collectors' seals

Each facing leaf inscribed with a poem

One colophon by Wen Zheng ming (1470-1559), signed: Zheng ming and with three seals, dated a spring day of renzi year of the Jiajing era (1552)