WEN ZHENGMING (1470-1559)

WEN ZHENGMING (1470-1559)

It Will be Snowing at a Mountain Stream

Hanging scroll, ink on paper, 42½ x 11½in. (108 x 29cm.)
Inscribed with a poem and states: "Shang Mingyauan asked me for a painting but [I] didn't finish it for a long time. It's gloomy and cold at the close of the year. The snow will be gathering, it's booming at my studio. So [I] painted this Xishan Yu Xue Tu (It will be snowing at a Mountain Stream) and also composed a poem."

Signed: Wen Zhengming

Dated the twentieth day of the eleventh month, winter of wushen year of the Jiajing era (1548)

Two seals of the artist: Sheng; Ming

One collector's seal