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Lt. Gen. A.H. L. F. Pitt-Rivers collection

Lot Essay

This attractive ornamental vessel is of an exceedingly unusual shape. The only parallel, known to date is in the collections of the British Mueum (published F. N. Pryce, Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum: Great Britain, London, 1932, fasicule 10, pl. 20, no. 2). The composition of the vessel is almost identical, if slightly more elaborate, the top of the colonette having acanthus leaf mouldings and masks with standing figures of Eros between the cups which have painted decoration on the exterior. The twisted handle of the British Museum kernos is somewhat fatter and less delicate than the above example. The cups contain eggs, as in this case. The British Museum vessel from Vulci, was purchased in the sale of the Castellani Collection in 1884, and had previously been in the Torlonia Collection


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