Engine No. 1/G144674
Left hand drive

The development of the Volkswagen is closely linked with the name of Ferdinand Porsche. After World War I he tried to realise one of his favourite schemes: a small, economical car for a wide public. In 1934 he was directed by the government to do just this, and he produced three prototypes. In 1938 the final version, the VW38 was introduced. This was available with either a 704 or 948cc air-cooled engine. After World War II, a larger 1,131cc engine was introduced developing 25bhp.
By 1949 the Volkswagen was back under German administration and in 1954 the larger 1,192cc engine was introduced. The aerodynamic body and bug-like appearance caused the car to be named Kafer - the German word for Beetle. It became one of post-war Germany's most successful exports.

This car has recently been imported into the UK from Belgium. It is fairly tatty with some rust and the roof is dented. It is not in running order. Some parts already been dismantled and are inside the car.

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