The white suit worn by actor John Travolta as he portrayed "Tony Manero" in the classic film; one of the most instantly recognizable film costumes in history. The 1978 movie which so defined the disco decade, is still considered the standard of 1970s contemporary anthropology. John Travolta's portrayal of the dancing boy from Brooklyn remains a timeless classic, with the soundtrack from the film still on the best seller list. The film's plot revolves around the night of the eagerly anticipated dance contest at the 2001 Odyssey Discotheque. "Tony Manero" entered the competition with his dance partner "Stephanie" played by Karen Lynn Gorney. "Tony's" entrance onto the pulsating dance floor in his white polyester suit, established the tough and sensitive street kid as the ultimate Disco King.
The three piece body-hugging white suit is made by LEADING MALE of Kings Highway, Brooklyn. The jacket is constructed with wide stitch trimmed lapels, two matching closure buttons, four sleeve buttons, satin interior lining with rear double vent and two oversized side pockets. Handwritten in blue ink on the interior lining To Gene, So here's to a classic, your friend, John Travolta. The vest and flare bottom trousers are of the same fabric as the jacket. The black polyester shirt with white stitching, made by PASCAL OF SPAIN, is attached to the waistband of the trousers with an elastic fabric; this allowed Mr. Travolta the freedom to dance and strike his now legendary poses. (4)
Purchased by Mr. Gene Siskel at a benefit auction in 1979.

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