A pair of portrait photographs by Jim Marshall, 1968, printed in 1988 taken in subject's dressing room backstage at the Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco both showing Joplin holding a bottle of Southern Comfort, both signed, titled and dated by photographer on mount, 9½ x 6 1/8 in. and 6½ x 9½ in. framed. (2)

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The photograph of Joplin seated on her dressing room couch at Winterland clutching a bottle of Southern Comfort is probably Marshall's most famous portrait. Marshall said of it ..Janis loved me; I was in the dressing room just clicking away..Some people said I shouldn't have published that picture of her lying back, with the bottle in her hand..But Janis said 'Hey, that's a great shot because it's how it is sometimes. Lousy'.. (See American Photographer September 1987 p.37)

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