manuscript on paper, 15ll. of black naskh, red dots between verses, red ruled margin, sura headings in red, illuminated opening bifolio, Ottoman, signed by Faraj b. Muhammad b. 'Amir and dated AH 1268/1851-2 AD, red morocco binding with gold medallion and border - 7¼ x 4½in. (18.5 x 11.5cm.); and six other Ottoman Turkish manuscripts including: Tarjama Quduri, 19ll., dated Muharram AH 1055/1645-6 AD, paper covered boards - 8 x 5¼in. (20.4 x 13.3cm.); another, 17ll., signed by 'Abd al-Karim b. Muhammad and dated AH 974/1566-7 AD, brown morocco binding - 7¾ x 5in. (19.8 x 12.7cm.); an album, with various holograph poems and stories, some signed by the authors, probably 17th/18th century, contemporary brown morocco binding - 8 x 5½in. (20.3 x 14cm.); another, 15ll., with tables, dated AH 1109/1697-8 AD, brown morocco binding - 8 x 5¼in. (20.3 x 13.4cm.); another, incomplete, possibly medical, 11ll., green morocco binding with the gold tughra of Abdulmajid - 6¼ x 4in. (15.8 x 10.2cm.); another, regarding official legal matters(?), lines of diwani, tughra at start, dated AH 1187 and 1232/1773 and 1816 AD, red cloth covered boards - 8 x 5¼in. (20.3 x 13.4cm.) (7)

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