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First aid,
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First aid,

First aid,
An infected wound on the lower leg;
Two fractured legs A simple fracture and a complicated fracture with exposed bone.
A demonstration of an emergency tourniquet performed on a soldier whose femoral artery has been injured by a bayonet jab. A cloth is placed around the thigh and tightened by a stick.
Two fractured legs, one leg in a regular plaster cast, reinforced with wooden splints; the other with emergency dressing of a bandages, some fabric and a wooden splint.
Two legs 26. Fracture of the femur; 27. Bundles of twigs used as an emergency splint.
A double fracture of the forearm and a demonstration of emergency splinting with wooden pegs.
A demonstration of a poorly applied bandage on the arm, the hand and upper arm appear swollen.
An example of bandaging, the upper body of an infantry soldier; the patient has received a grazing shot to the head and his left arm has had to be amputated. The stump is dressed with triangular cloths. He has also fractured his right clavicle; the fracture can be fixated using triangular cloths to avoid pain.
The upper body of a cavalry soldier who has received blows to his temples and wrist. The flow of blood from the arterial injury of the forearm is stopped by wood compressing the brachial artery. To stop the bleeding from the temple a pressure bandage has been applied directly to the wound; to compound this, pressure is being applied to the carotid artery.

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