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1956, ES-350 T

1956, ES-350 T
The headstock inlayed with pearl Gibson, labelled Style ES-350/Gibson Guitar T/Number A-24590 is hereby/GUARANTEED/against faulty workmanship and materials./Gibson INC/KALAMAZOO MICHIGAN,/U.S.A., stamped internally with the factory order number W5028 1, laminated maple back and sides, spruce top, length of back 21 in. (53.3 cm.); and original hardshell case with adhesive tape inscribed by Lee Dickson Auction #24/ES350T.Cedar Top./#A24590

This guitar was used by Clapton on the Nothing But The Blues Tour and on recording sessions for the album From The Cradle including the Ray Charles number Sinner's Prayer. (2)
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EC: This is one that I regret [selling] it's been well used.

KK: This is interesting, it has a Byrdland body with a 350 neck. The 350s were all laminated maple tops - this is actually a spruce top, which I've never seen [before] Gibson [would have said] we've got an order to fill, take that body, marry that neck, get it out.

EC: Well that gives it a little bit of added interest, it was used for the Blues Tour and for a couple of songs on From The Cradle... I remember a Ray Charles song called Lord Have Mercy [Sinner's Prayer], which I used that on.

MF: As well as others probably?

EC: Yes...from the same album.

KK: How do those P90 pickups respond on stage? Was this used much on stage, or mostly for recording?

EC: Pretty much the same. I just prefer the Alnicos, they're not quite so raw, a little more refined.



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