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Various 1950s Posters
Forty British Quads comprising Trapeze, 1956, U.A., (A-); The Vikings, 1958, U.A., (A-); The Nun's Story, 1959, Warner Bros., (A-); The King And I, 1956, T.C.F., (B+); Mister Roberts, 1955, Warner Bros., (A-); The Old Man And The Sea, 1058, Warner Bros., (A-); Desirée, 1954, T.C.F., (A-); The Spirit Of St.Louis, f1957, Warner Bros., (A-); Can-Can, 1959, T.C.F., (B); South Pacific, 1958, T.C.F., (A-); Sayonara 1957, T.C.F., (A-); On The Beach, 1959, U.A., (B+) and twenty eight others, each - 30 x 40 in. (76.2 x 101.6cm.) (40)
Collection from a private Irish cinema

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