An Earthenware Figure of a Woman (Dogu)
Property from the Collection of Alvin Abrams
An Earthenware Figure of a Woman (Dogu)


An Earthenware Figure of a Woman (Dogu)
Late Jomon period (1000-400BC)
Modelled as a standing woman with an upturned nose and prominent ears wearing a headdress, the short arms and shoulders incised with decorative lines and the bulging hips with punched and incised designs, the genitals exposed, the breasts separated by a v-shaped band, the eyes and mouth eliptical ridges; with fitted wood stand
7 7/8in. (20cm.) high
The result of Oxford Authentication Ltd. thermoluminescence test no. .... is consistent with the dating of this lot.
André Malraux, Paris

Lot Essay

The general shape and decorative patterns on this figure are similar to others found in the Kamegaoka region of northern Japan.

André Malraux (1901-1976), novelist and art historian served as the Minister of Cultural Affairs for France from 1958 to 1969.


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