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An Echizen Yari (Spear)
An Echizen Yari (Spear)


An Echizen Yari (Spear)
Edo period (17th century), signed Shimosaka (Yasutsugu II)
The spear forged in triangular section and carved on the broadest side with mukade hi (centipede line) design; the forging pattern itame and the tempered edge suguha with a ko-maru tip; tang ubu with katte-sagari file marks and two holes, one plugged with iron; 70.9cm. long; the koshirae comprising a lacquered-wood saya with most of the lacquer worn away to reveal the wood finish beneath, iron hardware and wood handle mounted with an iron collar pierced with inome and decorated with flowering vines with gilt highlights and an iron hand guard, all contemporary to the blade
With certificate no. 7374 issued by the Nihon Token Hozon Kai (Society for the Preservation of the Japanese Sword), dated 1984.5.26 (2)

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