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Stan Laurel
A large collection of approximately 100 letters, telegrams and signed photographs, 1930s-1960s, including: five typescript letters from Jerry Lewis to Stan Laurel, 1960-1964, all signed by Jerry Lewis, the majority referring to Lewis' film Ladies Man [released in 1961], and one enclosing a black and white photograph of the interior of Lewis' house with a signed picture of Stan Laurel on the wall, the accompanying letter telling Laurel Just thought you'd like to see that I've got you hanging between my wife and my Godmother in my dressing room...; a black and white portrait photograph of John F. Kennedy, signed and inscribed in black ink For Stan Laurel, with esteem and very best wishes, John F. Kennedy [possibly secretarial] -- 10x8in. (25.4x20.3cm.); a black and white photograph of Lucille Ball, signed and inscribed in black felt pen For Stanley, God bless him! My Love, Lucy, with Lucy's teeth blacked out in felt pen -- 10x8in. (25.4x20.3cm.); a typescript letter on Charlie Chester Productions Ltd. headed stationery, dated 27 November, 1957, the letter telling Laurel ...I was most pleased to hear from you, particularly that you liked the lines on our dear "Ollie". Another great blow was, of course, our "Fred" and the unfortunate thing is, Stan, that these friends and colleagues can never be replaced..., signed by Charlie Chester, 1p.; two typescript letters, on Steve Allen... headed stationery, one dated 31 October, 1958, telling Stan ...Tom Poston of our show is one of the younger group of comedians who was a great fan of yours and influenced to some extent by you. As a matter of fact he does a very good imitation of you which we are planning to have him do on the program in a few weeks. There is another chap here in town named Chuck McCann who does Oliver very well and we are going to have Tom and Chuck do a Laurel and Hardy sketch on the show. I'll be sure to let you know the exact date as I believe you will get a kick out of it..., signed Steve, 1p.; a typescript letter on Jack L. Warner headed stationery, dated 26 September, 1932, the letter telling Stan I am indeed deeply grateful to you for assisting us in making the Motion Picture Electrical Pageant a great success by you appearing in the parade..., signed Jack, 1p.; a typescript letter from Harold Lloyd, dated 19 January, 1966, the letter to Mrs Ida Laurel thanking her for her kindness in sending him a wire, signed Harold, 1p.; a hand-written letter on Chateau Marmont... headed stationery from Leslie Caron, the letter apologising to Stan I'm convinced you thought we were rude brats when we came to offer you flowers this afternoon...but the three of us were raised watching your films and even though I am myself quite famous now, I have never lost the tender friendship I as a child had for you..., signed Leslie Caron, 1p.; a typescript letter from Jacques Tati, dated 25 June, 1959, the letter telling Stan I am really obliged to recognize that among all the people I have seen - and I saw so many - not one got your sense of humour, and you are the only one who gave me some fun..., signed J. Tati, 1p.; accompanied by a theatre programme featuring Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, Palace Theatre, Plymouth, England, circa 1953; an early programme The Terror Of Paris, The Royal West London Theatre, England, July, 1898, the programme featuring Stan Laurel's Father, Arthur Jefferson The Bootblack, ...By Arthur Jefferson, Author of "The World's Verdict", "The Orphan Heiress", Lessee and Manager Theatres Royal, North Shields and Blyth..; and a promotional booklet, The Bootblack By Arthur Jefferson, the booklet containing details of the production performed on 11 January, 1897, North Shields, with photographs of scenery (a lot)
The Estate Of Stan Laurel.

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