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David O. Selznick
A collection of correspondence and contracts relating to Selznick International Pictures and Selznick's company, Vanguard Films, including:
- six typescript Power Of Attorney agreements, circa 1943, appointing Daniel O' Shea as Attorney with full authority to do all acts of a business nature in connection with..."The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer", "Intermezzo", "The Prisoner Of Zenda" and "The Garden Of Allah"..., each signed by David O. Selznick in blue ink;
- twelve further Power Of Attorney agreements, 1940s, granting O' Shea Power Of Attorney in other matters, all signed by Selznick;
- an agreement between The Selznick Studio and Hal Wallis Productions, Inc., 6 October, 1944, agreeing on a sum of 10 of the Distributor's gross excess of $2,000,000... for the loan of Jennifer Jones and Joseph Cotten in The Love Letters, 2pp., signed in blue ink by Selznick;
- an autograph letter on The Waldorf Astoria headed stationery, dated 23 August, 1963, from Selznick to O' Shea, the letter concerning two titles The Divine Sarah and Intermezzo and telling O' Shea Concerning The Divine Sarah, I think someone like Joe Levine might be excited about doing it with Sophia Loren... and Concerning Intermezzo...I don't think you are aware of the prices being paid for very important remakes. Sam Goldwyn got $350,000 for a 7-year licence (and of course retaining his own negative) on The Children's Hour...Hence, when I say $100,000 for Intermezzo, I think that this as low as we ought to go..., signed in blue ballpoint pen David, 2pp.;
- a Vanguard Films memo, dated 5 November, 1949, regarding Louis Jourdan's contract with Vanguard and Warner Bros., additionally inscribed in pencil in Selznick's hand Oy! This was why I tried to get over to you and to Dick, repeatedly, that it means one hundred thousand dollars to get a role for's certain that they'll give Jourdan a role he'll refuse (especially now after our row) and that would ruin or hurt him if he didn't refuse - so we'll be out 100 G's and an asset!!!...We must get an agreement on this!!! and today!, signed DOS; and related material (a lot)

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Daniel O' Shea commenced his Hollywood career as Assistant to David O. Selznick during the filming of Gone With The Wind and moved up through the ranks of Selznick International Productions to become General Manager of the company and an important figure in Selznick's working life.

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