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David O. Selznick
A collection of contracts and correspondence relating to Rebecca, 1940, Portrait Of Jennie, 1948 and other Selznick Productions, including:
- a large quantity of contracts relating to the purchase of interest in Rebecca, including: a contract of sale from Selznick to Daniel O'Shea of one-tenth interest in and to that certain motion picture photoplay Rebecca..., signed by David O. Selznick; three contracts of assignment to Vanguard Films of the right, title and interest, if any, of the sellers, in and to that certain motion picture photoplay entitled Rebecca..., all signed by David O. Selznick and Irene Mayer Selznick; two contracts concerning the repurchase of interest in Rebecca by Selznick from Daniel O'Shea, both dated 14 May, 1945, both signed by David O. Selznick;
- a quantity of telegrams, cables and inter-office memos from David O. Selznick to Daniel O'Shea regarding Portrait Of Jennie, various dates 1947, the correspondence increasingly documenting Selznick's frustration with and embarrassment of the picture, one dated 11 August, 1947, telling O' Shea I have again gone over the previous scripts of Portrait Of Jennie. I reiterate they were ridiculous, and that we would have an outstandingly tragic enterprise if we had made any of them...we will probably lose a million dollars on this script; but God only knows what we would have lost on the old ones...; a Western Union telegram, dated 4 April, 1947, asking O'Shea Please immediately look into whether the plans of the location trip of this nutty and ill-conceived Portrait Of Jennie Enterprise make any sense at all? Jennifer has not uttered a word of complaint...what worries me all the more is that on top of the expense we may become a laughing stock... I cannot imagine any ranking stars but Jennifer and Joe being shipped to Boston to go out in a little boat at the crack of dawn day after day without any work being done..., the telegram goes on to express Selznick's frustration with the location shoot, the personnel and the waste of money, 6pp.; accompanied by two bound copies of Portrait Of Jennie, Below The Line Estimate and Portrait Of Jennie, Final Budget; a first temporary draft script, dated 29 October, 1946; a Dialogue Cutting Continuity; and a corresponding black and white illustrated campaign book; and related material (a lot)

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