Somnium Genero-Incitatio
signed and titled 'THUKRAL & TAGRA SOMNIUM GENERO-INCITATIO' (on the reverse of one canvas); titled, signed (twice), dated and inscribed 'THUKRAL & TAGRA SOMNIUM GENERO-INCITATIO ACRYLIC, OIL ON CANVAS 6 x 12 DIPTYCH (6x6) + (6x6) PAINTED - 2007 MAY' (on the reverse of the other canvas)
acrylic and oil on canvas (diptych)
183 x 183 cm. (72 x 72 in.) x 2 pieces
Total Dimensions: 183 x 366 cm. (72 x 144 in.)
Painted in 2007
Gallery Nature Morte, New Delhi

Lot Essay

Collaborative artists Jiten Thukral and Sumir Tagra, address current issues in urban India through a wide variety of stylistic devices and media. Drawing from pop culture, history and street life, Thukral and Tagra meld their respective backgrounds in art history and graphic design to create a body of work, which incorporates video, sculpture, installation and musical elements. Jiten Thukral received his degree in studio art from the Delhi College of Art in 2000 while his colleague Sumir Tagra, completed his post-graduate studies at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad after 2001.

In this work, the artistic duo plays with ideas of photorealism and Surrealism. Through a strict adherence to naturalism and scrupulous attention to detail and shadow, Thukral and Tagra create a virtual reality on their canvases. Intimations of the extraordinary surface frequently in their works and upon closer inspection, this scene is quickly subverted by their inclusion of elements and odd details which could never exist in reality. The work implies the color scheme of a cloud strewn sky, oddly filled with various media, recording devices and home appliances while also suggesting the repetition and pattern of wallpaper. Melding space age designs with elements from outdated appliances and vintage TVs, the whimsical painting combines the nostalgic and the cutting edge. As viewers direct their gaze onto the canvas it eerily seems as if the canvas might be capable of gazing back.


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