Bamboo and Distant Hill
Hanging scroll, ink on paper
83.2 x 32.5 cm. (32 3/4 x 12 5/8 in.)
Inscribed and signed,dated autumn, renwu year (1342)
Colophons inscribed by:Shen Zhou(1427-1509),signed with two seals; Dong Qichang (1535-1636), signed with two seals, dated third day, eighth month of jiazi year(1624); Cheng Qinwang(1752-1823) signed with one seal: Huang Shi Yi Zi Li Zuoxian(1807-1876), signed with one seal, dated jisi year(1869)
Twenty collectors' seals, including nine of Xiang Yuanbian(1525-1590); one of Liang Qing Biao(1620-1691); three of Hong Li(1711-1799); one of Li Zuoxian(1807-1876); and six of Pei Jingfu(1865-1937)
Shu Hua Jian Ying, edited by Li Zuoxizn, volumn 20, pp.9-10
Chronology of Paintings by Ni Zan, Shanghai Renmin Meishu Chubanzhe, 1991, p.25
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Please note that the painting was published in Art in Song & Yuan Dynasty, Osaka Municipal Museum of Art, 1978, p.71, pl. 5-35

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